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Information Security Policy

"Security Vigilant"

What This Information Security Policy Covers
This Information Security Management System outlines the overarching framework for management of Information Security within the AirStrip organization. The Information Security Management System is comprised of standards, processes and procedures that apply to all staff and employees of AirStrip, contractual third parties and agents of the organization who have access to the organization’s information systems and/or information and/or are connected to parties where the Company’s information systems interface with the contracted party’s equipment and/or system. The Information Security Management System applies to all forms of information including: ·      
  • Speech, spoken face to face, or communicated by phone, VOIP, or radio;·      
  • Hard copy data printed or written on paper;·
  • Information stored in manual filing systems;·  
  • Communications sent by post / courier, fax, electronic mail;·
  • Stored and processed via servers, PC’s, laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s, cloud platforms;·
  • Stored on any type of removable media, CD’s, DVD’s, tape, USB memory sticks, digital cameras, cloud platforms, or any other place or method electronic data can be conveyed directly between two parties.
This policy applies to AirStrip controlled infrastructure. This policy does not apply to use of AirStrip software medical devices when installed in client IT centers in client-controlled equipment. The client controls established for the data center are controlling and apply to AirStrip software.

Download the full policy below.

This policy was last revised 2020/12/11.

Information Security Policy Document

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AirStrip Information Security Policy
Document revision and updated information included with document.
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