AirStrip® Obstetrics

Monitor the Progress of Labor and Delivery in Near Real-Time


Clinicians can view historical and near real-time waveforms, all from mobile devices and the web.

AirStrip Obstetrics provides secure access to maternal and fetal waveforms enabling clinicians to make visual interpretations and manage patient care efficiently.

Easy Access

AirStrip’s native mobile application works on both iOS and Android, eliminating the clunky VPN sign on alternatives. Users can access waveforms with just a few clicks with biometric authentication in a secure environment. AirStrip Obstetrics is HIPAA compliant and patient information can only be accessed inside the hospital’s network by users approved by the hospital.

Comprehensive Patient Data

Providers can view patient demographics, estimated gestational age, gravida and para, vital signs, and nursing notes. Clinicians can access historical and near-real time waveform data, including fetal heart tracing and maternal contraction patterns, cervical exams for dilation, effacement, stations and exam time, and Pitocin dosage. It’s easy to scroll forward or backward through the strip chart data and zoom in on any areas requiring a more detailed inspection. The data available to providers is dependent upon your electronic fetal monitoring system and your clinical documentation workflows.

View Multiple Patients Simulaneously

Get a birds-eye view of multiple patients on a single screen with the ability to group and sort by various criteria. Clinicians can view 4, 6, or 12 patients simultaneously, and can select an individual patient to see that patient’s data.

Benefit Breakdown


Improve response times in critical situations


Strengthen communication among the care team


Streamline clinician workflows


Facilitate timely remote consultation with specialists

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